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That was not the reaction of many of my co-religionists, some of whom deemed his answer a cop-out, chastising him for being ashamed of the gospel of Christ and tossing his lot in with the booming spiritual-but-not-religious crowd that is so popular among his age demographic. I didn't hear Mumford's remarks as a wishy-washy equivocation about the precepts of Christianity or a capitalist concern about alienating non-Christian fans.Rather what I took away from his answer was a keen wariness about other Christians and our too-often brutal judgmentalism.I don't care what Mumford or Bono or the pope call themselves or don't.Their actions and (other) words tell a story of faith that is much more nuanced, and therefore truer, than any label they might pin over their hearts or have thrust upon them.‘She sat in the front row and while he was singing Marcus looked down at Carey and she blushed.

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Some critics have called Bono "holier-than-thou" and mocked him as "St.

Carey Mullian is singing a new tune after moving out on Shia La Beouf. , is currently with Mumford, 24, in Buckinghamshire.

The Kewpie doll-like actress has found love again with Marcus Mumford, the lead singer of folk-rock band Mumford & Sons. She also reportedly took a romantic trip last week with the "Little Lion Man" singer to the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland, according the U. Mulligan, who was linked to Robert Pattinson's best bud Tom Sturridge after the La Beouf split, has also been spotted lately hanging out at Mumford's home in Shepherd's Bush, London.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Marcus Mumford, the 26-year-old lead singer of the wildly successful British band Mumford & Sons, raised the hackles of religious folks (in some quarters) when he declined to claim the "Christian" label as his own.

You see, Marcus is the son of John and Eleanor Mumford, who are the national leaders of the Vineyard Church in the U. and Ireland, an arm of the international evangelical Christian Vineyard Movement.


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