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Also bring your questions and either type them in or call in to get it revealed.

Act The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.

Our commitment to transparency is your key to knowing who to trust with your relationship quest.

In this community you will find people like yourself that seek a meaningful relationship.

LVTG was designed by a number of transgenders (TG), crossdressers (CD) and shemales to offer others of this community an enhanced transsexual dating website catering to the special needs and wants of all transgender personalities.

Basically, we developed a website that we ourselves are proud to present to the transgender community and which we personally use searching for new transgender dating possibilies.

Share our experiences and maybe even improve our possibilities. v =u BXy NB1O5GMThe WHITE Man is going into SLAVERY

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Our members whether transsexuals (TS) or crossdressers (CD) can view many aspects of each others likes, wants and desires.That includes but is not limited to appearance, age, gender preference, personal habits, education and political views.Our transgender dating members are also able to express their sexual orientation, religion, occupation and race.The features of this site are designed to promote a comfortable transgender dating experience for all members looking for a transsexual date or personal shemale connection.The purpose of this transexual dating site is to help establish an efficient alternative to bar hopping, web surfing and half-assed personal dating sites that at best offer only a minimum acceptance for any sort of transgender (t-girl), crossdresser (CD) or transvestite dating opportunities.This group was designed to share our experiences as latin women dating or wanting to meet black men. MAHAYAMAN - GOD MADE THE BLACK WOMAN FOR THE BLACK MAN v =zz6E_Pu9s QUGEN YAHANNA ADDRESSES COUNCIL of RELIGIOUS LEADERS Pt 2 YAHANNA - THE 13th AMENDMENT, PRISON is LEGAL SLAVERY - ISUPK YAHANNA SCHOOLS 2 CHRISTIAN HOMOSEXUALS ON THE COLOR OF CHRIST YAHANNA - ANCIENT EGYPT KEPT HEBREW SLAVES IN PROJECTS TUNE IN AS COMMANDING GENERAL YAHANNA DISCUSSES THE REAL ISSUES AFFECTING OUR PEOPLE THE BLACKS, HISPANICS AND NATIVE INDIANS. YOU CAN CALL IN WITH QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, AND CONCERNS SHALAM ISRAEL.


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